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1.) a term used when one desperately desires the physical company of another (regardless of whether or not such an act is be prohibited by the existence of long distance boyfriend/girlfriend) and tries to achieve this through texting
2.) When, after consuming alcohol or illicit substances, you decide to text inappropriate things to inappropriate people. The loss of dignity is especially mortifying if no response is ever received. Typically followed by vows to never drink again the following morning after checking your outbox.
3.) Drunk texting gone very, very bad. If "hey boy" by the Blow has ever seemed like it could be your theme song, you've probably texted away your dignity
hungover girl: "ugh look what i texted to deleted boy last night! and he never texted anything back?! oh god i'm going to have to hide from him forever"
her friend: "wow, way to text away your dignity"
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