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When someone sends you a text message and you write them back the a second later they call you and you have to pick up the phone because they know you have your phone.
I was at the movie with jacob when Becca text trapped me. I texted her to let her know what we were doing tomorrow and then she called me!
by pbandjforever July 26, 2009
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When someone ask you a question over text and you dont want to ansewer it for personal reasons, you send them a sexual or random picture to distract them from asking you again. This can also be used to annoy someone by randomly sending the picture. Or it can be used to restart a conversation. (not reccommended)
Guy 1"Last night Kelly caught me in a text trap"
Guy 2 "Lol no way what did you ask her?"
Guy 1 "i just asked if she had sex with Amy and she sent me a picture of a big hairy dick."
Guy 2 "Wow a week ago she sent me a picture of two fat people having sex just so I would text her back but she didnt respond cause i was yelling at her."
Guy 1 "Crazy bitch"
by kiwi bastard April 28, 2011
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