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Testipopping is when a adolescent boy's voice jumps or cracks while talking. This is usually seen as an embarrassing thing, as everyone will probably start laughing at you.
Teacher ~ "Class, can anyone tell me what the Chemical formula for water is?"

Boy ~ "<pop>YYeeesss</pop> Miss"
The "yes" part in this sentence is when the boy testipops in his enthusiasm to answer this nerdy question

Everyone laughs as the boy flushes in embarrassment.
by William Tseng March 16, 2008
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a short voice blow out when someone is talking so their voice goes high then low. usually happens when someone is goin through puberty. refers to when someone is hity in the nuts their voice goes high
testi popper: hey *testi pop* what r u doin on the weekend?
Person: Man u hav so many testi pops
by jubjub2105 November 06, 2007
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