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A beautiful girl who is shy at first but once you get to know her she it amazes you of how much she has changed. Shes a talker, and laughs half of the time she’s around you. Tesneem either has dark brown hair with hazel eyes and pale skin, or dark skin with dark hair and warm green eyes. She’s smart but always underestimated herself.
Yooo did you se that girl, she’s so quite.”
Tesneem, oh man you haven’t seen her yet.”
by httpmemer June 09, 2018
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If u meet a girl named Tesneem ur in luck. She’s beautiful and outstandingly funny she’s sweet and kind but can have a dirty dark humour. My bestfriend’s name is Tesneem and she’s the most trustworthy ever.
“Did u meet the new girl yet?”
“Tesneem? Aw dude she’s fantastic.”
by great awesome food friend September 07, 2019
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