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Tesharas are usually brunette and very beautiful. They love adventure and are full of life, never a dull moment. They are very ambitious and intelligent beings. They are always in charge of everything. Tesharas have crazy families; and have a hard time trusting outsiders. A Teshara has high sex appeal; and has a body that will make you want to sin. A Teshara will cook like your Granny, and will work harder than your Father. They tend to be shy at first, but if you can make a Teshara laugh, you're already ahead of the game. Once you grab ahold of one of these, it is wise to not let go...even though they will push you away. Overall, they are the most amazing creatures ever created-straight from the Heavens.
Once you go Teshara, you can never go back.
Don't mess with that girl, she will go all Teshara on you.
Man, that girl is such a b!t*h, she must be a Teshara.
Did you look into her eyes? She'll put that Teshara spell on you.
by Tbag1219 January 17, 2017
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