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A guy who has been hurt a lot and has trust issues. He is very handsome with a natural athletic build. He takes his fitness very seriously. He can be a really big asshole just because he is bored. If you want to be with him then you really have to show him that he can trust you fully. He is self-destructive because he doesn't know how to control his anger sometimes. He will try to push you away because he doesn't think that he deserves a good person in his life. He has convinced himself that everything bad that has happened to the people he cares about is his fault. A Terrious has a very big heart and loves with his whole body. You are very lucky if he cares about or loves you. He is very intuitive and knows everything that is going on around him even if he doesn't say anything. He loves to please in the bedroom and has great stamina. He knows how to be compassionate and affectionate when the time comes. Even when you are in a bad mood he will put a smile on your face. Every bad thing you may go through in the relationship will be worth it. He is a true blessing to have in your life. Patience is the biggest thing you have to have when dealing with a Terrious. He is really a good guy and deserves to be loved fully. He doesn't hesitate to spoil his woman if he has it. It is impossible to not fall in love with him. He deserves to be spoiled rotten in every way. Make him your Greek God.
Friend#1 I have been dating Terrious for a couple of weeks now and I'm falling in love with him.

Friend#2 Yeah, Terrious is a really good guy.
by LilyBug August 15, 2014
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