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Narcissistic attention seeking. Trying to convince others you are successful and powerful even though it is obvious you are not. Taking advantage of women with self esteem issues or daddy issues. Having sex with as many damaged girls as possible to feed your delusion that you are God's gift to women. Taking as many pictures as you can, with other people who just so happen to be in your vicinity to make it look like you are popular. Talking about God, sobriety, helping others, and all the "good" you do to someone who you are trying to manipulate. Using others for your own agenda. Acting like you are helping someone out of kindness and then Screwing them over. Basically any act that is selfish and self centered, aimed to make you look or feel good, at the expense of others.
He was terlopping, he talked an impressionable girl into getting his name tatted on her thighs and then left her to go back to his baby mom. Poor girl got terlopped.
by In_the_Land April 12, 2018
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