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teresina is a sweet little girl who has a passion for the arts and cares everyone. teresina is a noun and is a name given to baby girls. It's Greek origin means hunter or guardian. A teresina is always happy even in hard times and goes out of her way to help others even if she is not feeling great. Her role model skills show how strong, persistent, and loving she is. She is also a beautiful woman who will land a modeling job not just because she is sexy but because she is classy.
Teresina is such an amazing friend, she is always there for you even when she is going through hard times.
by sheeeeeeeberttttttt May 17, 2016
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A little hoe found in the Country. You can often find a Teresina in a strip club, flirting with your boyfriend, making out with someone or applying makeup. Teresina is used as a noun, Tersinas may also have anger issues. Teresinas like to get wild and drive everyone nuts . Teresinas go straight to hell with no hesitation .
Man that girl is such a Teresina.

Oh be careful, dont be a Teresina
by Beyonceeeeeeeeeee April 14, 2014
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