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A tepid cunt is a poor excuse for a human being, half-hearted or unenthusiastic approach to all aspects of life whilst at one and the same time, being a cunt. Found in the fuckwit fringes of leftish activism, especially Greenpeace, they can also be found trying to fly blimps (poorly) or flying illegally over Scottish airspace.
They tend to be offended by everything and I really do mean everything, often resorting to making shit up like "cultural appropriation". Tepid cunts can also be found knocked the fuck out during protest clashes after fucking with the wrong people. Of course you could just go to Twitter or Instagram and find a infinite number of these "people".
"Did you enjoy wearing that lovely Chinese inspired dress at your prom? You did! Great! Unfortunately there is a Tepid Cunt that somehow has found offense in it, sorry luv".

" I'm a Instagram Star and social influencer! Touch me I'm famous !"

"NOOOOOOOO! fuck off you Tepid Cunt!"
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by incumbent sausage July 16, 2018
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