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A tent guy is a stone cold pimp he specializes in pitching tents and laying pipe, his diet includes quick trip foods, beer, twisted teas, American honey, fine smoke ables, curse words and offten playing the scratchoffs trying to scratch his way off the job site. His most used phrases include "you know that Heywood guy? Well he's pissed" or "Craig just called and he said why the hell isn't this shit done by now". He's not to be trifled with as a tent guy is somewhat of a ninja and a boxer all in one though most times hell just smack the shit out of you! He's a hard working badass sommabitch you heard me!!!
Look at that tent guy over there I bet he lives strong and drops the god damned hammer!!! Man those tent guys in that Silverado next to us sure are some lookers
by Rockatansky1983 May 27, 2016
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