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see supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
expresses approval, crazy ridiculous nonsense word, something to say when you have no words
short version suggested by a celebrity's (Zooey) manager, for ease in spelling and in speech. chosen because of the lack of those sounds in the very long (of Mary Poppins' fame) word.
Pronunciation- tin-KEN-fee
"How are you today?"

"What do you think of my idea?"

"Isn't that silly?"
"Totally tenkenfe!"

"And so then, we did something even more boring that you don't care about and I'm your boss, so don't forget to keep smiling."
Nodding, "uh, tenkenfe? Glad to hear you had a nice time?"

"I got you a car!"
"Oh my god! Ah-" silence, "TENKENFE!"
by Wednesday Belle Lyon April 16, 2010
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