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The sensation males acquire the day(s) after a long session of dry humping.
The greater the prude, the more tender the tip.
Historically, tendertip is rumored to be the fundamental reason males take-on girlfriends and wives. The great Japanese poet Ryokan once wrote (paraphrasing) "Even through kimonos, by and by, amorous advances turn abrasive."

This quote is especially noteworthy in modern times as jeans and cotton boxers rule the day, extending the rawness and duration of tendertip throughout the globe.
At present, the greatest sufferers of tendertip remain the religious prudes, which explains their early marriage age and refusal to pull out (see: coitus interruptus), thereby spawning children like gremlins.
Padilla: Got an itch there, bud?
Nick: I wish.


Stu: Late night, eh?
Joey: How can you tell?
Stu: Well, while your eyes are bright red, yes, your awkward walking style, as tho you've been castrated, is purely from the tendertip pain. You shoulda gone with some sweat pants or Lululemons, old sport.


Penny: Nice bit of bump and grind out there on the dance floor last night, Labamba.
Hustler: Felt great then, now... Not so much.
Penny: Tendertip?
Hustler: Like a scratch on the eye.
Penny: And so commitment was born...
by Rykirb January 04, 2010
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