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Temiela is a fun and loving name the name meaning is almost the same meaning as temiel but temiela is a fun person to be with you are have a kind heart people may say you have a heart of gold but some times you cam become more in to things some times you might end up talking back to people you dont like but you are repect for but you work hard in school but things may not come at how you want it to but there always some one to help you along the way. hi my name is temiel and i have a twin sister named temiela these are some things i wrorte on how she acts some time i cant deny sometimes she gets me real mad but she is a kind and loving person and i love her if you become really close with someone name temiela you will not regret it trust me there might be some miss typo its because am in school so i got to go i hope you liked this bye
by TTPOW May 16, 2018
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