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An over-sized large plain t-shirt that extends to or past a person's knee. Commonly worn in the early 2000s by the hip-hop subculture. Now seen as out of date.
Damn that guy is still wearing tees to the knees and sagging jean shorts to the ankles, like it's 2003.
by MaMacAm August 06, 2011
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Often worn by those of the African American culture, tees to the knees are seemingly interminable tee shirts. These tee shirts may come in a variety of different colors and designs. The design will frequently represent either a sports team or a gang symbol of some sort, followed up by a brief description of how difficult life can be in the hood.
Tommy: Excuse me, sir, would you perhaps have any tees to the knees available?

Store clerk: Get yo ass outta here cracker!!
by (((Chris))) May 11, 2008
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