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A british 'mall metal' person.

Originally from Newcastle where all teenie greenies hang around 'the green', they are the scum of the earth who think they are individual because they listen to whatever 'Kerrang!' ("rock" music magazine) tells them

They often think they are better then eveyone eles and consider themselves "individuals" and "outcasts"

Teenie greenies are easy to spot as they wear nothing but black, and wear ties over t-shirts. Many wear nail varnish and makeup and spend hours making sure thier hair looks "messy".
Person: Do you know insert band name here
Teenie Greenie 1: No! They're shit anyway.

*One week Later*

Teenie Greenie 2: Hay insert band name here are in Kerrang!

Teenie Greenie 1: Yeah, I know. I have liked them for years
Person: That Bullshit! You fucking noob!
by LeftDoor August 31, 2006
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