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To be accosted unwittingly and involuntarily by one's boss, Ted, and held captive for several meaningless hours. To be forced to listen to circular logic and endless blathering. To be held under duress and forced to listen to sentences beginning with, "...and because...". See also: McSuckIt.
CO-WORKER 1: "What happened to you at lunch?"
CO-WORKER 2: "Aww, shit, man...I got Tednapped."

"I was Tednapped for approximately 1 hour and therefore unprepared for my morning meeting. AGAIN."

CO-WORKER 1: "I got Tednapped by McSuckIt because you were out sick!"
CO-WORKER 2: "Sorry, dude."

"I took a Tednapping for the team."
by Hilda Von Tednap September 19, 2005
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