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(Noun) To be technology sober, or in other words to refrain from using technology after it has become an obsession or addiction in ones life. (Verb) to go through a process of weening off a technology addiction such as Iphones, ipads, Computers, TV, Xbox, wii (if your like 5 years old, which is pretty sad to be reading this if you are), playstation, the internet, facebook, twitter, youtube, and oh yah myspace I guess for whoever still uses that. To go technology sober is a big decision in ones life since practically everything in the world revolves around technology, so it is clear as to why so many people have this addiction. One might want to check into rehab. Even interventon has run TV shows on people with such addictions.
Caring friend: "Why dont you get your ass out of the chair and off of Hulu, stop collection unemployment, and go find a job!!!!"

Guy: "I cant, Im just not ready to go technosober yet...."

Nerd: "So John have you checked out the new eHarmony website? its really awesome ive met lots of hot girls."

Other Nerd: "No I deleted my account right after I became technosober because it was killing me."

Nerd: "Wow you have guts kid."
by apple123abc May 16, 2010
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