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techie stupid- is a word that is used to describe yourself or someone else that is extremely challenged and unable to properly use modern technology i.e. cell phones, ipods, computers gaming systems, etc. Some one who can never quite figure out "applications" and has to have help to start a facebook page. Some one who has to use their child as the IT/AV boy and has to call upon them to have help with all technology possibly even the Dvd player and who is still wondering "what the heck is blue ray?" Some one who wonders how modern life has left them behind and you think twitter is the sound a birdie makes.
After I showed grandmother how to retrieve her message off of her cell phone phone she is no longer techie stupid. - or - I still can not figure out how to down load music on my ipod I am so techie stupid.
by Kimber L. A. Crabtree May 08, 2009
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