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One who is constantly using their cell phone, iPhone, iPod or other technological device, seeming oblivious to the world around them, much like a zombie. Oftentimes they are/were restrained to children, tweens, or teenagers, (mainly the popular or rich ones) and people in the 20 year old age range. Though it has been spreading to 30 and 40 year olds recently.

Tech zombies are often sitting either in public, or they shy away from others, pecking away, texting their friends every detail of their lives and whats going on, whether it be at school, work, driving a car, etc. "Zombies" often frequent Facebook, Twitter, or similar sites 24/7, posting pics or sharing their new status like they do annually every hour or so. This often impairs their ability to drive, hold conversation, walk in public, learn... Just another addiction in our world, it seems.

It is unknown what will happen to these people when this technology is out of service temporarily, or possibly even when finally we enter another dark age and all is lost. Maybe they'll crack, maybe they'll go on psychotic rampages because they can't post the pic of the massive zit on their nose 2 hours before the prom, or maybe they'll survive, and just have piss-poor social skills.
*teenager texting walking down the street, not realizing it when they get to a 4 way intersection and walking out*

*person texting and driving, who, not paying any attention to the road, causes a ten car pile up and kills themselves plus killing or injuring 14 other people.*

*person standing next to a building texting for 35 minutes*

*12 year old texting in class for the entire lesson, concealing the phone under their desk as not to get caught by someone of importance, but ultimately fucking themselves out of history lesson in the process.*

Tech zombies.

Well, fuck. Most of us have probably done all the crap listed above by now, anyways. Welcome to the future.
by Uberstein March 30, 2013
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