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A tech whiteout occurs when your office experiences or you experience a complete meltdown of the technology you rely on to run your enterprise or life.
โ€œAll we did was call in one of our techies and the next thing you know we had a total tech whiteout in our office: our entire network crashed, our VoIP phones wouldnโ€™t work, in fact, you couldnโ€™t even log on to your own local workstation since even that is controlled by the network. These days the Internet is so in-grained into our work flow for: data storage, social networking, running our websites, operating our phones, running applications, communicating with our clients, etc., that when our network isnโ€™t working, we might as well send everyone home. The only thing that was working was the one old analog phone line we keep around for our fax machine.โ€
by Prof Bruce April 03, 2010
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