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One of alternate lifestyle and reality. Delusions of grandeur is a main symptom. One who has limps wrists and a small junk is a telltale sign. favorite color = rainbow. Whiney.
Pee Wee Hermanlike. The other guy on "Will & Grace" TV show.
Anyone that attended texas university is a teasip.
by newjack hustler December 06, 2005
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One who attends or attended the University of Texas (t.u.) in Austin, Texas.

The term tea-sip (also spelled teasip, t-sip, or t sip) was started by students of Texas A&M University (aka. Aggies) in the early 1900's to belittle the well-to-do students of t.u.
The University of Texas was traditionally the "rich" school which pumped out doctors, lawyers and the like. A&M was the blue collar school which traditionally taught Agriculture and Mechanics (engineering).
The Aggies play the teasips on Thanksgiving day.

I'm sick of all those hippy teasips in Austin.
by Henry Hill February 08, 2005
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one who attends U.T.
My friend Mitch is a tea-sip.
by Aggie class '08 November 03, 2004
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A student of texas university (t.u.) in Austin, TX. The nickname refers to the World War II era, when t.u. students were sitting around sipping tea while Aggies went to war. A variant of the term is t-shirt tea sip, identifying wannabe t.u. students at nearby schools such as Texas State and t.u.-San Antonio.
Look at those tea sips sitting around sipping tea and listening to Alex Jones on the radio, pretending to be intellectual.
by Texas Aggie Republican June 16, 2008
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A derogatory term for a British person.
"Did you see that crazy old teasip driving on the left side of the road?"
by blashrykh August 05, 2009
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