People who not only accept MSNBC's* "nutsack" into their mouths, but bite it off and swallow it whole because they don't know any better. This somehow causes them to feel emboldened to the point that they attempt to use 11th grade words in an effort to sound intelligent.

* May substitute any of the following: Moveon.org, Media Matters, DailyKos, The Huffington Post, etc.
Obama won only because of teabaggers.
by sick_of_stupid_people July 16, 2011
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gutless, abysmally ignorant fool of a liberal looking for love in all the wrong places...
Here comes the neighborhood teabagger walking bow legged after another session of looking for a reason to live...
by johnny2 May 20, 2009
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The stereotypical Asian, who really makes you feel at home. Usually has tea and a heck ton of rice on hand at all times.
"Dude, you see that Asian guy coming with all that tea?"
"Definitely. What a Teabagger."
by Jaerda June 02, 2016
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Someone who’s a lot gayer when they have a bag of tea.
My friend Jeff seems normal, but he always demands a cup of tea before going out..

We say he’s a teabagger but he doesn’t care..he always seems gayer for it.
by Pgrogz November 14, 2019
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