Teabagger; Slang; (profanity, vulgar) a (male) person who engages in the sexual act of inserting the scrotum or testicles into the mouth of another person. Any person who engages in the act of teabagging.

Teabagger; Slang; (offensive, slur) 1.) any member of the newly formed Teabag political party who’s members oppose left-wing and or liberal political policies including corruption, deception, mismanagement, racism, intolerance, leniency towards criminals, etc.
2.) Any conservative person.
3.) Any person who opposes liberalism, communism, fascism, left-wing politics, America bashing, etc.
4.) Any person who (or attempts to) support or endorse political, economic or financial reform and recovery for the USA.
5.) Any person who openly or verbally supports or upholds the US Constitution.

Ed; Teabagger; Socially unacceptable, insensitive and offensive word based on inaccurate stereotypes, hate, prejudice and intolerance. Equal in offence to calling an African person a “nigger” or a Jewish person a “Kyke”.
Joe is a teabagger because he is against ultra left-wing liberal fanatics in politics who have maintained a relentless agenda to spread hate and destroy the United States.
by Shagbajones September 17, 2010
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gutless, abysmally ignorant fool of a liberal looking for love in all the wrong places...
Here comes the neighborhood teabagger walking bow legged after another session of looking for a reason to live...
by johnny2 May 20, 2009
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The stereotypical Asian, who really makes you feel at home. Usually has tea and a heck ton of rice on hand at all times.
"Dude, you see that Asian guy coming with all that tea?"
"Definitely. What a Teabagger."
by Jaerda June 02, 2016
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