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Tchifrido is a Portuguese-Creole slang word, consisting of the word tchifri (meaning horn in Portuguese-Creole) and the suffix -do (corresponding to the English suffix -y). Putting these two words together, the word corresponds to the English adjective "horny".

The word is used to describe a state of constant sexual arousal which might lead to sexual frustration should the energy not be released accordingly, due to external circumstances.

The word can have a positive ring to it, as the person

Often the variety tchifrido-ness is used as the noun describing this state.
Ami i tchifrido dimas! Odja nha kabadura ku na sai di nha boka di bas.

N' tene tchifridoness. Tem paciencia, pui bu omi garandi li dentro. N'na tchiga gosi.
by Titi Gomes October 15, 2011
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