too crazy; didn't read
Bob is off his meds again; he just posted a rant on Facebook about aliens not letting him get into law school. tc;dr
by Jethro Q. Walrustitty August 5, 2015
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A character in Tyler, the Creators, "Wolf", Storyline. He is said to be Tyler's therapist, but, *spoiler alert*, Tyler in, "Goblin", realizes that he's been talking to himself the whole time. Tyler is originally introduced to Dr. TC when he gets in trouble at school, and is sent to Dr. TC's office. Dr. TC concludes that Tyler is a good kid, just mislead.
(Dr. TC in the Bastard intro)
"Well, Tyler, Hi, I'm Dr. TC, and um, I'm guessing that your sent you here to talk, 'cause you were misbehaving.

Um, it's gonna be three sessions, today, tomorrow, and the next day.

So, uh, just tell me something about your self...
Well look, if , if you don't talk, I mean, these sessions are gonna go even slower.
by TheLogOUT May 14, 2020
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