The Taz Angels (@tazangels_ on instagram) are escorts, expensive prostitutes or whatever you call it. They live in DC in a big ass house called ''The house of angels'' where they turn up, drink and twerk everyday. They all have incredible bodies but most of them are butterfaced. Their hair and makeup are always on point. They also have their own clothing line called Caviar Blaque (BBLU = Bad bitches Link Up). They kinda make prostitution look good.Most people who follow them on instagram are thirsty dudes, teenage girls or cheap escorts.
Thirsty dude commenting on @tazangels_ twerk video: Please fart in my mouth. And then, I'll marry 3 of you.

Teenage girl commenting on @tazangels_ twerk video: these hoes are a disgrace to america!! wtf??? put some clothes on!! sluts!!!!!! This aint pornhub ugly ass prostitute !! Stop posting so much pics and videos of your ass bitches!! Ugly whores with daddy issues smh.

Escort commenting on @tazangels_ twerk video: Twerk it girl! where'd you get those pants doe ? I just posted a pic of me pic in that BBLU hoodie and a thong, please repost it? x
by fvshionkillvv January 20, 2014
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