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Agenda is a girl that don't give a shit about anything but sweet,caring,protective,and loving about herself and close friends.Also would do anything for what she wants.

Don't break a taylshea heart or else you will be in a messed up and messy situation!
Boy1:Damn!,bro are you ok, how you got into this messy situation with her?

Boy2:I cheated on her with her best friend.

Boy1: What is her name?

Boy2:Taylshea!, if you get one of her don't mess it up for real bro!

Boy1:Ok bro,Damn she got yo Taylshea you want to go out?

Taylshea:Ok but Fuck with me you will get fucked up,just telling you that now!

Boy1:Ok,I'm not like your last.

Taylshea:Lets see about that!
by Rose Townsend May 21, 2017
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