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someone with a ridiculously large head, often pulling innocent bystanders towards him with its gravitational force. drinks a horrendous amount of milk and often enjoys stalking ladies. sometimes partakes in the game of 'tat tips' with 'tips', he has unfortunately never won due to the nature of his cranny like limbs. behaves like a tool, often engineering weapons in his own house e.g book tie combo.
"jeeeeez, have yo seen that tat head?"

" yeah hes been following my bird around for a few hours now, roughly 50 paces behind her, with a couple of cartons of dairy crest. whats that all about"?
by poobear2 October 04, 2011
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Someone who is broke but can always find money to buy another tattoo even though they have so many already.
I think my dude is a tathead. He has no job. His baby's mom keeps asking him for money to buy diapers but he went and got another tattoo instead.
by Gwensanity September 12, 2012
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