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One may use "Target Sushi" as an excuse for calling in sick to work for purposes of skipping working that day while not actually being ill. It's an uncommon excuse for calling in sick but quite believable if you play it off correctly as even Sushi lovers may cringe at the thought of a bad batch of department store quality seafood. It may be a wonderful excuse as well since the following day upon returning to work it's believable that you would be back to full health as you simply had food poisoning from a bad serving of raw fish.
Hello, Yes boss I regret to inform you I will not be able to make it to work today as I (ughhh) am quite ill, I made the mistake of sacrificing quality for convenience and had a bad serving of Target Sushi.

Ey, Yo homes! Toss me a beer and lets get goin' to the waterpark I called in and told em "Target Sushi" !
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by 1O80P January 03, 2016
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