The result of going into a store, intending to buy a few things, and leaving with much more. Frequently happens while shopping at Target.
Person 1 before shopping: Ok, we're just going for a few grocery items
Person 1 afterwards: I don't know where to store my new kitchen set, plastic bins, or towel rack. Why do I have so much food?
Person 2: That is what we call the target effect
by squeee March 31, 2014
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When you go somewhere and end up spending WAY more money than you originally intended. Like when you go to Target for a few things and end up with a cart full of things you didn't mean to buy.
I went to H&M yesterday to buy a pair of pants and suffered from the Target Effect. I spent $350 on new clothes. 😭
by B.T.H July 10, 2017
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