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Undecipherable drivel that spews in spoken words or in text from a Retard attempting to sound clever by using one or a few BIG words, though the use of 'BIG words' is not necessary to qualify as tardbabble.

Can sometimes be mistaken for ramblings of a very intoxicated dim wit, and is the one language not spoken by even the most experienced Retard whisperer.
Danny: Hey Higz, my spelling sucks but I'm have intelligents, and I'm very patience and I know a lot about cybergenics and human evolution, I'm, a real, smarty, and I am ranked more dark side than Darth Vader


VonDutch: Danny that made absolutely no sense at all

Higz: More undecipherable tardbabble Kris, I won't try to reason with the mental midget, it will only bring about even more undecipherable babble, and I'm running out of Advil
by Higzy July 05, 2009
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