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It is a female name. This person is multi-talented, creative, kind, beautiful, charimisic, shows love to everyone and is quick to avoid conflict. She is a very unique person and leaves a peace of her where ever she goes. She leaves a lasting positive impression which makes her name a household name. Look out for anyone named Taquiana. She is a rare beautiful kind. Very very intelligient, mature for her age, very funny, kind and sweet. She cares deeply about her friends and would never do anything to hurt nobody. She is very career focused and shines light and makes everyone smile. Trust me when i say this...she is everyones favorite with her sweet energetic, outgoing and loyal self. She will surely be successful. This name u don't hear often at all so if u meet the person, introduce yourself. It'll be the best decision u could make ever
Taquiana is the best friend ever! I love Taquiana!!
by Purplequeen101 July 05, 2017
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