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A mouthy know-it-all who frequents the workman's bar of a pub and has an opinion on anything and everything, especially when someone requires advice about something the majority of us are not qualified to answer. Oh yes the tap-room lawyer's always on hand, he'll usually scrounge a pint, blow smoke in your face, relate an untold number of anecdotes and basically bore you shitless repeating his 'considered opinion'.
Of low social status this individual stands out because he is usually the laughing-stock of the pub, a 'character', a 'one', tolerated but God only knows why. What they need is a kick up the fuckin' jacksi
Did you hear about the new bypass that's being planned?
Yeah, the tap-room lawyers are in there theorising about the effect it'll have on the town.
Why the hell didn't you phone the consulate?!
Fred 'the jock' told me I wouldn't need a visa..
What?! Don't listen to that fuckin' tap-room lawyer. What the hell would that wanker know about travelling round Europe? The furthest he's been is an illegal copy of the 'Sound of Music'!
by ant July 23, 2004
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