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Tap refers to tapioca milk tea, a beverage also called pearl milk tea, boba tea, and bubble tea. Although this drink may be commonly known by several different names, "tap" is generally regarded as the preferred word over "boba" and other terms.

Tap originated in Asia and is growing in popularity in the United States. The drink consists of a sweetened milk tea or flavored tea to which the eponymous tapioca balls are added. These smooth, black-colored spheres are made from tapioca starch and impart a distinctive chewy texture to the beverage. Tap is generally served cold in a plastic cup and consumed through a thick straw that allows the tapioca balls to be sucked up.

Popular establishments that focus on selling tap include Sharetea, Kung Fu Tea, The Teahouse, and Dulce Tapioca.
"Hey man, you wanna go get some tap with me?"
"Sure, I'd love to have something to drink right now."

Note: The word "tap" can have several different meanings, but it is easy to tell by context when one is referring to tap (beverage) instead of another meaning like "to tap" (verb).
by byrone_ May 26, 2017
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