A tap takeover is when a single craft brewery gains exclusive control of a bar or restaurant's draft or draught lines. This is most often done as a promotional event but on occasion it can occur by accident. A tap takeover begins with 3 draft lines and has exceeded 25. There is currently no Guinness World Record for most beers tapped by a single brewery at an off-site location. A tap takeover ends when each keg is "kicked" or "tapped out" or "eighty-sixed" or "cashed" or "all gone". There is no telling how long a tap takeover will last but often it is too long. There is no Guinness World Record for shortest tap takeover to date.
I heard Logboat Brewing is releasing their double mocha, candied boysenberry, triple dry-hopped Quad at the Tap Takeover tonight!
by BeerWench5000 June 27, 2018
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