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An amazingly beautiful girl inside and out.The kindest soul you'll ever meet. If you're lucky enough to meet her. You'll tear yourself apart trying to get her to love you though. She is very confident within herself and you always know where you stand with her. She is an understanding and caring person who loves to have a good time.Their art work are incredible.A beautiful girl, whose smile lights up a room like the morning light after a rain storm. She is sweet and generous in nature.
Be a woman like Tanwi
by Overhappyperson May 01, 2018
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She is a girl who defines true beauty ! Not a fake one . She is the one who speaks words full of sweetness . She preaches love & teach people to be kind . She is the person whom you can easily trust and love . She is the most prettiest & the most sweetest person you'll ever meet . You will surely love her once you see her beauty , charm , and glowing face ! She is pure and innocent . with an elegant smile and she loves all ! She talks slowly and is calm ! She can handle situations and understand everything . Well matured & sensible girl . A perfect girl with a beautiful soul is one & only Tanwi ! Truely beautiful . Sweet & ethereal .
If you define natural beauty in one word , it is "Tanwi" .
by Sweety_love June 02, 2019
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