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A guy who often takes the normal level of edginess, and purposely pushes it back to an even further level in order to be funny. He often tries to make his appearance very intimidating and aggressive, but everyone knows that they are still better than him, which leads to him get roasted often and being the butt of a lot of jokes. Also, he tries to pull a lot of girls, using his dick as a method to try and finesse, except this always leads to rejection, and him moving on to the next girl, continuing the cycle.
Friend: Bro, Halloween was lit last night!
Me: Yeah, I just wish that john wouldn't have pulled a tanner garrison and said his grandma had a heart attack just so he could finesse my girl.
Friend: Yeah, that's a tanner garrison alright
Me: Agreed
by cwazy doode April 24, 2018
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