its when your mother sits there and has no way of supporting what she is saying so the only way she can classify it, is by "talking stupid" she also may use this when she likes to avoid any confrontation of a subject in fear of losing the argument. most moms do this had a bad gpa in highschool. this also may be "talking dumb": i want to go somewhere in life.
EX 1:
"Mother I would like to continue my curriculum and invest in online education, then I would like to go to Harvard"

"You're staying in your public school! Clean your room and stop talking stupid!"

"I hate myself mom, I just don't feel happy anymore, and I don't know why."

"Suck it up and stop talking stupid!
by ElizabethLoves September 16, 2010
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When one speaks with annoying and/or unmeaningful comments or jokes.
I couldn't stand listening to Charles anymore, all I heard was stupid talk.
by MW12345 April 12, 2014
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