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1. To talk, stutter, or ramble on about something to a friend until you've gotten so confused with your own story you may not remember the point anymore.

2. To try and explain something but fail.
"So there was this guy, right? He was like, tallish, maybe some black hair. No, wait, that's wrong. Nah, I mean he had red hair and some freckles. Right? Yeah, something like that... I think, and he was... umm, wait..."
"Oh boy, here he goes again, talking himself in circles."
"Stop, don't talk yourself in circles!"

"...and it's a little orange too, with a braid belt thing around the waist, or maybe it was the arm. It was black... a little white on the sides... ahh, I can't explain this, I'm only talking myself in circles."
by Nikki Martin July 25, 2009
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