Everyone looking for creative talents for their projects, productions or events such as: production houses, casting directors, record labels, advertising agencies, casting agencies, independent, communities, companies, and entertainment venues.

If you are someone looking for a creative talent, than you are a talent seeker!

You could be final year students majoring in movie making looking for actors, independent movie makers looking for makeup artists and a production crew, cafes or hangout places looking for performers, advertising agencies or production houses looking for actors and extras, casting directors looking for fresh new talents, marketing/brand managers looking to make their own advertising materials needing inexpensive talents, a model that is looking for a photographer to help build both portfolios or a couple planning a wedding and looking for a pre wed photographer.
My sister is a talent seeker. She works as a casting director at one of the biggest TV stations in Jakarta.

He is one of the best talent seekers in the business. Many famous musicians were discovered from his ears.

Many talent seekers are going online to search for a fresh batch of creative talents, those they would not normally meet in offline situations.
by CREASI April 28, 2014
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