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Kanoa Gill aka takedownman is a popular YouTube user. He is famous for constantly lying about his past and for popularizing deep web sites on the tor network so they all get shut down. He claimed to be an mma badass but video has surfaced of him getting KO'd in less that 20 seconds in his only professional fight against rex Richards. He claims to be a hacker yet he uses windows and not Linux and thinks using Norton will protect him from viruses lol...
Oscar: "Hey Chad! Takedownman just released his 7th video this year about how he's homeless and how we need to donate money to his gofundme!"

Chad: "hmmm that's strange in a previous video he mentioned that he's earning upwards of $2k a month off these videos. I'm beginning to think he's a lying con artist sack of shit!"
by Ginny Gill January 25, 2016
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