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1. A fantabulous man who is the gift he brings with his presence.
2. Art gallery, Paris
3. Un Eau de Toilette
4. A Spanish military unit
5. The name of a Russian stripper that stole your heart ... and wallet.
6. Ancient Roman name meaning The Grace of the Void
7. A secret Scottish ritual involving much fermented malt and nudity
8. That one your mother warned you about
9. That one even your dad warned you about
10. The one your sister should have heeded the warnings about
11. Sexual act, popular among lesbians
Taiss was a confident man, after all, no matter how cool your androgynous name was or how many landmarks or products used it, you needed to have a certain nonchalant attitude and self esteem when people realised it was the name lesbian Russian strippers named themselves after the creative cunnilingus act.
by Brokenheartedjohn December 17, 2013
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