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The name of an ever changing screamo/metal Band from Citrus Heights. Occasionally they add good band members, only to dissapoint them with their constant goal of mediocrity, and then losing them. Needless to say this band is not much to hear about, seeing as their name isn't even a proper noun. If you've heard about them, you probably have dyed your hair black more than twice, and melted your eyeliner before putting it on. The coolest thing about this band is the hand painted banner a former member was gifted that smells of spiced tea.
someone outside of Citrus Heights, but within a 2 mile radius: "Have you heard of tag! you're dead?" "no."

someone from Citrus Heights:
"Have you heard of tag! you're dead?" "yeah, a friend of mine was in the band, he's really good, but he left, his new band is actually playing a big show this weekend with (insert good headlining band here)!"
by r0queandr0le January 29, 2012
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