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People (gamers who play Online Mass Multiplayers, in particular) who seem to play without any coherent idea as to what they should do, and remain oblivious about the positions of their team, the enemy, or even complete functions and aspects of the game they're playing.
Their gameplay is so atrociously bad, that it gives the impression they suffer from Attention Decifit Disorder, or have never even heard of computer or video games until that very moment, despite having played the game a couple hundred times by then.
In most cases, they're completely detrimental to the team, dying early on without contributing much, or even hindering the game for others.
In the rare occasions they're actually helpful, it's more by accident than by willful act from their part (i.e. acting as cannon fodder, or spotting enemies and giving them something to concentrate on)
*match starts, players on friendly team split to try and cover all sides of the map.*
Joe: Follow me, guys!
*Joe rushes ahead, out into the open*
Mack: Joe, stop, they'll spot you!
*Joe gets shot, spots an enemy stops in the middle of the open field to engage it*
*Joe gets obliterated by multiple enemies*
Joe: Stupid team! Why didn't you help me?!
Mack: Because you're tactically retarded, Joe, that's why. Why did you rush ahead?!
by Acronymus February 26, 2017
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