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An ancient tribe that was founded by a number of Arabic half-casts including Ahmed and Ezzah (Arabic version of Adam and Eve). Famous for their ancient tribal methods such as the jew net and the Carwyn Spear the Tackawackarapa tribe have been around before dinosaurs, the last ice age and even Ben Vlismas. Unfortunately one of the founder members Carwyn escaped to Western civilisation in a jew car to live amongst the likes of Elaine and Dan George. He then hired his trustworthy sidekick Azamat to hunt for jew prey. Hearing that Carwyn had betrayed the founder members he was sentenced to death by dangerous driving. Thus the Tackawackarapa tribe lives on with it's new founder member Rhydian Bell
OMFG What is Carwyn doing with that jew net in the common room. Ancient Tackawackarapa tribal methods.
by dobbin252 January 07, 2008
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