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Tabooti itself is undefined. There is, although, a "way of the tabootai". This is a special method that the tabootist members follow in order to remain loyal to their fellow tabootists. Each member must have a special code name created and verified only when surrounded by all of the other tabootists. There are only four known tabootists on Earth; Comb, 5G, 369 and Lollipuss. To these four members, "tabooti" means cake- Carvel cake that is.. The reason for this is uncertain, but it serves great purpose to the way of the tabootai. Although the tabootists identities remain secret, their tabooti legacy is very public indeed.
"One tabootai, many tabootists."

"Don't you wish you could be a tabootist?! Well too bad!!"

"Those who know the way of the tabootai do not speak of it, those who speak of the way of the tabootai do not know it."
by Tabootist Member COMB June 27, 2009
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