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When a waitress at a bar, restaurant or club who waits on tables, acts like she is interested in you, as a customer, & flirts with you, even at great lengths & depth throughout the night, just to lure you so that you may be inclined to shell out alot of tip money for her. She may even provide you with her number (fake usually) just to give you the illusion of hope. She'll play the role very good and she's usually a good talker. And if you start talking to her like in a flirtatious way, then she know she's got you. So don't flirt, because she's just wants to hurt you in your pocket. These table teasers won't flirt with girls because they know girls won't tip more just because so they target only the guys as victims. Typically these women are pretty good looking, or atleast compared to the other waitresses around, so they know that you will be attracted to them. Basically their game is the same as a cockteaser, only in a bar or restuarant or even club setting with the goal of milking money. Normally people would tip an average of around 15% but victims (typically guys) have been known to shell out 50% on tip just because the table teaser was that good into making the guy believe he had a chance with her. And the worst thing is, sometimes these table teasers would allow the guys to buy them drinks just to play the role that they are interested. So they get free drinks & more money from the guys... and that is their game.
Dude, how much tip did you end up giving to that table teaser whore last night?

Why did that table teaser gave me her number and when I called this morning, it was a non-working number?

Becareful of these new breed of money hungry hustlers, they're aren't called table teasers for nothing.

A table teaser is a fusion of a cock teaser and a waitress all into one.

I hate it when I'm drunk and get taken advantaged by those goddamn table teasing bitches!

Damn, I got table teased again. I can’t believe I dropped 20 dollars tip on a 30 dollar bill for that bitch.
by happyjoemann February 11, 2012
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A female who looks sexy while sitting down, but it actually quite larger when she stands up.
Mary was looking good until she stood up and I saw those cottage cheese legs. God damn table teaser!
by MidgetmackR September 14, 2010
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