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T14TT, aka: Take one for the team. Used in situations where being discrete is necessary, and when trying to keep information from a slutty drunk boy.

see: take one for the team.

Unfortunately, by telling someone telling someone to take one for the team, one is effectively throwing a friend under the bus, so use T14TT in stride.

A friend should not have to T14TT twice in a row, or more than one time a month.
Drunk Boy One: "ayeee baby you can sleep in here.."
Drunk Girl One: "I think I'll stay on the couch"
Drunk Girl Two: "God dammit, where am I sleeping then?"
Drunk Girl One: "T14TT girl, T14TT."
Drunk Girl Two: "You owe me so fucking much."
by NYCtotal August 16, 2009
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