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Otherwise known as uptight ass holes that cant handle good music
D-head: Dude why the hell do you listen to that crap
A trusty soad fan: Don't be a system of a down hater now.. panzi
by daron April 10, 2007
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A pathetic ignorant person who cannot see excellent music when it is held right in front of them. Should You come across one of these unenlightened fools, and they begin to hate on SOAD, do not let your anger or disappointment take over, just turn and walk away.
True Music Fan: Hey do you listen to System Of A Down?

System of a Down hater: Nah I hate that crappy shit, they suck because I can't understand their dumb screaming

True Music Fan: No, YOU suck. *keeps walking*
by Scorpion1001 May 27, 2006
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Note that this person is most likely an asswipe or has just been violently ass raped. Upon sight of a SOAD hater, you must exterminate this pathetic excuse for a human being immediately.
by Luka May 21, 2004
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1. A person who hates System of a Down, generally because they think the music is trite, uninspired, and sophomoric. While some people fall into this category simply because they hate anything popular, most people will say that the benal noodling that is often mistaken for real music and the pseudo-intellectual lyrics are the reason they dislike this band.

2. A name also thrown out by fans for anyone who says "Who?" when System of a Down is mentioned.
"Dude, don't be a System of a Down hater!"

"I can't help it, they suck and they can't fool me."
by FuriousAngle February 26, 2006
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