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SYNToK - pronounced "sin- talk". This is an acronym (or new word) that describes "Shit You Need to Know". It is similar to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section in a document but rather than being an answer section it is a section of a document that presents facts.

If you are part of a large corporation that demands political correctness then the definition of SYNToK to upper management could be "Stuff You Need To Know"

Word created by Dref Selwoc, circa early 2000.
An apprentice mechanic was putting together a motor and wanted to make sure they were doing the job right so they looked at the SYNToK section for the motor assembly to ensure they were doing the job correctly. The SYNToK section provided the mechanic with the correct torque values for the different bolts and reminded the mechanic to use the proper torque specification when putting the motor together.
by Dref Selwoc December 04, 2015
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