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syahmir is the type of people who loves to make others' days better and better. He likes to make people laugh, but he cries alone. He solves others' problems, but his problems were unsolved. He likes fashion, and wants the best for him. When he likes someone, he'll look for his girl every single day, and tease her. when he likes someone, he would not admit that he likes her. He never show his passionate through words, but through actions. Syahmir is the type of person who wants to look good everywhere he goes. He is also a loyal person. But however, Syahmir is the type of people who easily get bored. He is easily entertained and likes to make friends.
"Do you know Syahmir?"
"That awesome dude? Sure yes bro. He is amazing"
by peoplexoxo December 27, 2017
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